Q. What are Blackout Times?
A. Blackout Times are times when the course cannot accommodate your passport coupon because of a tournament, league, or reserved member times.

Q. Why do I have to rent a golf cart?
A. Because of the number of passports being accepted at each course, cart usage becomes necessary to speed up play on the course.

Q. How long do I have to use the Passport?
A. Spring opening for each course may vary due to weather. Fall closing usually occurs around October 31st, but again it could be extended due to good weather, however we would recommend using your passport prior to October.

Q. Can I bring a friend with me that doesn’t have a Passport when I play?
A. We are sorry to hear your friend didn’t obtain a Passport. YES, they are more than welcome to play. They will just need to pay the course’s standard Green Fee.

Q. Why do I need a 48-hours for advance reservation?
A. This is a common courtesy to all the courses as they plan for staffing and allow for ground maintenance.

Q. Why isn’t my credit/ debit card being accepted?
A. The issue is often because the billing address used doesn’t match what the credit/ debit card company has on file. Specifically, make sure your zip codes are correct. If the problem continues try our other payment option, Paypal. They have an option if you don’t have an account with them already.

Q. When are Passports mailed?
A. Passport orders are mailed each afternoon Monday thru Friday at 3:00 PM. In most cases you can expect your passport in one or two business days.