Local Golf Passport – Fort Wayne

 Best Value in Fort Wayne!

There maybe other golf cards around, but no other like ours! Local Golf Passport features 23 rounds at 20 fantastic courses. What’s more? Head to Bobick’s Golf Headquarters to redeem your VIP Range Pass worth 10 medium buckets of balls to tune up your game! A value of over $600 this is our largest Passport ever! Get the book that has it all and enjoy your season with the Local Golf Passport.

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What a great concept … we had a bunch of guys in a pool who played, the more courses you played the more it weighted for your season score … the best scores with handicap (some liars)  plus number of courses …determined the winner  (however that is still in dispute.)  A few more beers and we may reach a settlement.
It seems we all bitch about the same holes, no matter how tough or easy the course is there is always one hole that stands out … I guess they call that an excuse.


Thanks to you all at Golf Passport. Our teenage son loves the game but playing our course gets boring for him and us as well. The Passport makes playing fun and challenging. (Odd we have found that he is mapping each course before we play) Golf is a great game.


10 Medium Buckets of Balls

(75 Balls per Bucket | Offer included in Passport)

Two courses in the 2018 Passport have unexpectedly closed. Sprig ‘O Mint and Limberlost Golf Club are no longer in business. In an effort to provide our customers with as many rounds of golf as possible, we have made arrangements for the closed courses to be redeemed elsewhere.  The Sprig ‘O Mint Passport page may be redeemed at Eagle Glen Golf Club and the Limberlost page will be welcomed at Eel River Golf Course.

Enjoy Your Golfing Season!

Check out the courses in the Passport!

  1. Bridgewater Golf Club
  2. Whispering Creek
  3. Eel River
  4. Eagle Glen Golf Course
  5. Swan Lake Resort
  6. Timber Ridge Golf Course
  7. Zollner Golf Course
  8. Cedar Lake Golf Course
  9. Raccoon Run
  10. Norwood Golf Course
  11. Old Orchard
  12. Sprig O’Mint
  13. Meadow Valley Golf Club
  14. Heron Creek
  15. Canterbury Green Golf Course
  16. Pond-A-River Golf Club
  17. Bella Vista Golf Course
  18. Black Squirrel Golf Club
  19. Limberlost Golf Club
  20. South Shore Golf Club


Green fees are already paid on all courses. All blackout times (for league and member play) are clearly marked both on this website as well as in the Passport. Cart rental is required on the day of play. Most courses require tee time reservation, please call 48 hours in advance.

Over the years there have been other golf “cards” but there has never been a promotion like the Local Golf Passport.

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